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Choosing The Right Superplasticizer for Verifi

by Verifi

Verifi can automatically add superplasticizer to concrete in the truck. Superplasticizers are among the most potent ingredients in concrete. Thus, it is important to choose the right superplasticizer to ensure consistent quality concrete. But what superplasticizer should you choose for use in Verifi?

The primary purpose of dosing superplasticizer with Verifi is adjusting slump. So choose an superplasticizer that controls slump with minimal effect on other properties.

Specifically, choose superplasticizers that are:

1.       Set neutral.

2.       Strength neutral.

3.       Air neutral.

4.       Fast mixing.

5.       Short to moderate slump life.

6.       High solids.

Admixture Tank Verifi
[Verifi Admixture Tank]

Verifi recommends using polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers. These are sold under trade names including ADVA®, Glenium®, and Viscocrete®.

However, not all polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers are suitable. Some are formulated to delay setting or promote rapid strength development. Superplasticizers formulated for long slump retention are also no longer needed because Verifi can maintain slump more precisely. Such admixtures tend to be sold at a premium price, which offers a potential for cost savings with Verifi.

Naphthalene-, melamine-, and lignosulfonate-based admixtures increase setting time with dose. So, increasing the slump, which is desired, will also delay setting, which is probably not desired.

Verifi recommends starting with the polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer the concrete producer is currently using, when possible. This simplifies the transition to dosing superplasticizer on the truck. However, testing is advised to confirm if the admixture is suitable. If not, Verifi will work with customers to select an alternate admixture.

By selecting the correct admixture, the consistency of concrete quality—including setting time, finishability, pumpability, air content, and strength development—can be improved dramatically.