Measure, Manage and Record Concrete Slump and Quality in the Truck

To produce consistent quality concrete, every step of the process must be monitored and controlled. Until now, concrete producers have not had the tools needed to control the longest period of the concrete manufacturing process—transportation.

That’s where Verifi comes in:

  • Collects critical measurements at the plant and on the ready mix truck.
  • Securely stores that data and uses it to measure, manage and record concrete quality in the truck.
  • Automatically adds water and admixture to reach target slump.
  • Communicates relevant data to improve mix designs and optimize operations.
  • Tracks truck location and activity with GPS.
  • Stores a detailed record of each load’s quality that is available immediately or years from now.

Verifi results:

  • Increased concrete quality through real-time monitoring and control of slump and temperature during transport.
  • Consistency in every load.
  • Reduced project delays and fewer rejected loads.

Verifi is a leader in technology but relies on extraordinary people for complete success. Experts in concrete, process control and information technology support concrete producers—from implementation to operation—with the common goal of delivering consistent quality concrete.

For Producers

Consistently make the highest quality concrete at the lowest possible cost.

For Contractors

Finish projects faster and reduce defects and liability with consistent quality concrete.

For Engineers

Ensure the concrete you specify is the concrete that is placed. Access data on every load at any time.