Process Control, Information Technology and Personal Support— for consistent quality concrete

Verifi gives you unprecedented information and control to ensure consistent quality concrete at the plant, during transport, and at the construction site.

The Verifi Solution

Measure, Manage & Record

  • Data Collection: Verifi collects data in real-time from sensors on ready mix trucks and batch systems.
  • Data Processing: Verifi securely stores that data, using it to monitor and control concrete quality on the ready mix truck.
  • Calibration: Verifi automatically calibrates its own systems by tracking slump accuracy, admixture dose responses and other properties by truck for each load.
  • Monitor & Control: Verifi monitors concrete properties and automatically controls slump through the addition of water and admixture.
  • Record & Store:  Verifi records and stores the concrete properties throughout the delivery cycle.
  • Reports: Verifi provides reports to ready mix concrete producers and their customers, in real time or years from now.

Measure and Record

  • Slump: Verifi the slump without the need for manual tests.
  • Temperature: Verifi the concrete temperature throughout delivery.
  • Revolutions: Verifi the number of drum revolutions since the concrete was loaded.
  • Age: Verifi how long it has been since the concrete was batched.
  • Truck Location: Verifi truck location and activities through GPS.
  • Water & Admixture: Verifi the exact amount of water and admixture added on the truck.
  • Detect Build Up: Verifi detects hardened volume of returned concrete.
  • Return Concrete: Volume of returned concrete. Measures the amount of remained concrete.


  • Slump: Automatically manage slump with admixture or water.
  • Water and Admixture: Automatically ensure maximum water content is not exceeded.
  • Temperature: Use data to adjust temperature.