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Maintain Slump Until Discharge Without Reducing Concrete Quality

Verifi can add superplasticizer to maintain concrete slump while ensuring consistent water, strength, durability, setting, and air.

Admixture when and where you need it

Superplasticizer additions can be made automatically whenever slump is less than target: at the plant, in transit, and at the site.

Set the slump, let Verifi determine the dose

Verifi intelligently calculates the correct dose of superplasticizer to reach the target slump and automatically adds this dose when needed.

Use only the amount of concrete admixture you need

When water is added in transit or at the site, some loads require more water than others for slump at discharge.  This means that all loads should be designed for maximum expected water, even if not all loads have that much water. Verifi lets you add all water during batching and use only the superplasticizer you need on the truck.  This improves the mix design by saving cement, superplasticizer, or both.

  • Water in Transit
    1. Add all superplasticizer at batching
    2. Reduce water at batching
    3. Add some water in transit and on site
  • Superplasticizer in Transit
    1. Add all water at batching
    2. Reduce superplasticizer at batching
    3. Add some superplasticizer in transit and on site

Meet everyone’s expectations

Contractors Save Time

  • Concrete arrives ready to pour
  • Faster to pump, pour, and finish
  • Consistent setting time

Engineers Ensure Quality

  • Consistent water content, air, and hardened properties
  • Every load measured and recorded

Did you know?

  • Increasing slump 1 in. (25 mm) by adding water reduces compressive strength by 200 psi (1.4 MPa) or more.
  • Water delays setting time. Increasing slump with water may make pouring faster, but will delay setting time later.
  • Adjusting slump with water at the site typically takes 5 to 20 minutes.

The evolution of consistent quality concrete

Better concrete quality and faster concrete construction with concrete admixtures

Is it acceptable to add water in transit?

Water additions are fine as long as they are controlled, documented, and accounted for in the mix design. When Verifi manages water in transit, consistency in concrete quality is dramatically improved.

What concrete admixtures does Verifi use?

Verifi uses the latest generation of polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers. Each one is uniquely selected for fast mixing and consistent strength, setting, and air.

Is concrete admixture still added at the plant?

Only superplasticizer is added by Verifi. All other concrete admixtures are added at the plant. A portion of the superplasticizer may be added at the plant.

Is entrained air content affected?

Entrained air content is typically more consistent because Verifi results in more consistent slump and water content.  Both of these factors strongly affect entrained air content.