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Load of the Week | Water & Superplasticizer in Transit

by Verifi

In today’s Load of the Week, Verifi automatically added both water and superplasticizer to reach the contractor’s desired slump.

Here’s what transpired:

1) The concrete was batched below the target initial slump of 5 inches.

2) Verifi automatically added water up to the maximum allowed for the load, then switched to superplasticizer to reach the target slump. This ensured the maximum water/cement ratio was not exceeded and the design concrete strength and durability were not compromised.

3) The target slump was changed from 5 to 8 inches. This was done at the request of the contractor. Verifi enables concrete producers to change the slump target at the request of the contractor, provided the change is within the design parameters of the mix. Note that the change was requested before the truck arrived on site. Therefore, the concrete producer could override the target slump and Verifi could adjust slump to the new target before the truck arrived on site.

4) Verifi continued to add superplasticizer to reach and maintain the new target slump of 8 inches.  All additions were automatic and did not require driver input.

5) The contractor poured the concrete shortly after arrival.


Concrete Superplasticizer

 [LP = leave plant, AS = arrive site, BP = begin pour, LS = leave site, RP = return plant]

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