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Load of the Week | Concrete Slump Always on Target

by Verifi

Today’s Load of the Week was never more than 0.5 in. above or below the target concrete slump.  The concrete was batched at the target slump, maintained at the target slump by Verifi, then discharged at the target slump.

Three water additions were required to offset slump loss. The total water added of 2.7 gal/yd3 was less than the maximum of 4.4 gal/yd3 allowed by the mix design. The concrete was properly mixed and was discharged with a concrete temperature of 54 F.

target slump load of the week

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[LP = leave plant, AS = arrive site, BP = begin pour, LS = leave site, RP = return plant]

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Load Of The Week | Change in Target Slump

by Verifi

In the 2013 Verifi Concrete Quality Report and in the post on jobsite slump changes and sustainability we discussed how slump is sometimes adjusted at the jobsite to above the ordered target slump.

Often, this is at the request of the contractor. Verifi can facilitate and track these target slump changes. The driver simply enters the new slump target on the in-cab interface and confirms he has a signature from the contractor accepting responsibility for the change. Verifi then automatically adjusts slump to the new target.

Today’s Load of the Week illustrates such a change in target slump. The concrete was batched slightly above the target of 4 inches. Verifi automatically added water three times in transit to offset slump loss and maintain the slump at 4 inches. Upon reaching the jobsite, the driver increased the slump target to 5 inches at the request of the contractor. Verifi made an automated addition of water to bring the slump to 5 inches. The contractor then poured the concrete at the desired slump.

The total water added was below the maximum for the load. After the last water addition at the jobsite, the driver followed the prompt from Verifi to increase the drum speed to mix in the water addition.

target slump change load of week verifi
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