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new ready mix truck

by Verifi

A brand new ready-mix truck is helping Verifi to continue bringing new capabilities to the market.

Verifi is proud to announce its latest asset acquisition: A brand new ready mix truck has been brought on to help our customers evaluate admixtures and improve mix designs for consistent quality concrete.

The truck will also be used for demonstration of our latest features to new and prospective customers, training and R&D.

The data we collect helps our customers not only to improve the quality of their concrete but also to optimize their resources. Our research has shown, that concrete slump managed with Verifi requires  less admixture and thus saves money.

We look forward to testing with the new truck, one of the latest models available – helping us maintain the utmost quality at Verifi. Let the testing begin  – and may the data always be in your favor.

Verifi Concrete Ready Mix Truck

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