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Case Study: In-Transit Superplasticizer for Faster Concrete Pumping

by Verifi

Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete used Verifi® to ensure consistent slump and accelerate concrete pumping on a 9-story apartment building in downtown Chicago.

The tight space on the project site meant that the contractor, II in One Contractors, Inc. of Chicago, needed every load to arrive at the right slump, ready for concrete pumping.  This would normally be a challenge because of downtown traffic delays causing variable transit times and differences in slump loss.

Ozinga’s Quality Control department instructed Verifi software to make automatic superplasticizer additions in transit to achieve and maintain the ordered slump. This resulted in a 66% improvement in discharge slump vs. ordered slump and a 10% reduction in the time the trucks spent on site. The use of superplasticizer to change the slump ensured that critical concrete properties like setting, strength, and durability were not negatively affected.

“There were fewer delays without concrete at the pump when Verifi was used” according to Robert McGee, President of II in One Contractors.  “I would like to use Verifi on every pour.”

Read the full Lake Street Case Study here.

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