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Verifi Feature: Ticketed Slump Override

by Verifi

Is it OK for the slump of the concrete to not match the slump on the batch ticket?

Yes…in some cases.

For example, on a pumped job, the ticket may indicate the slump at the point of placement; that is, the end of the pump line. Due to slump loss during pumping, the concrete should be discharged from the truck at a slump greater than shown on the ticket.  In this example, Verifi would need to manage the slump to a target greater than the ticketed slump.

In another example, the contractor orders one slump but after the first load quickly realizes he needs a higher slump.  The concrete producer needs to override the slump on loads that are already ticketed so Verifi can start managing to the higher slump target.

Verifi can accommodate these cases with the Ticketed Slump Override feature. With this feature, the concrete producer enters the order number, date, location, mix code, and new slump for the override. Verifi will then use the new target slump, even if different from what is shown on the ticket. Verifi typically receives the ticketed slump through an interface with the batch plant software.

concrete slump ticket

A new override has to be entered each day, as job conditions affecting the override can change daily. The override can be turned on or off at any time.

Verifi keeps a record of all ticketed slump overrides. Access can be restricted to Verifi users with authority to change the slump.

ticketed slump override

The Ticketed Slump Override feature enables Verifi to adjust to the new slump in transit, which helps save time at the jobsite and avoids imprecise manual adjustments of slump.

Verifi customers can contact their Business Analyst to get started using the Ticketed Slump Override.