concrete slump

Avoid costly repairs and frustration that result from poor concrete work

As a building owner, you make a large investment in the foundation of your project, one that sits on pilings, footers, columns and other concrete structures.

Whether your project is infrastructure, commercial, or residential structure, gain complete visibility into the properties of that concrete by working with a Verifi Ready Mix Producer Partner and rest assured that all your concrete consistently meets specs—each and every load.

  • Avoid costly repair problems that may arise later because of poor or inconsistent concrete.
  • Save time and money with fewer rejected loads or disputes over concrete quality.
  • Ensure every load has been tested for—and passes—quality checks for concrete properties including: slump, temperature, total revolutions, water content and admixture content.
  • Experience consistent concrete strength, air and finish as a result of Verifi process control and testing.
  • Reduce testing and finishing costs.
  • See all of the data about each load of concrete: in real time or years from now.


Your project may be a bridge, a nuclear plant, or a water treatment facility. You want every assurance that problems are not going to arise later because you did not have consistency in every load of concrete, fully documented.


Your project may be a skyscraper, a parking structure, or a big box store. Rejected loads, performance claims and tear-outs are costly. Avoid them—Verifi every load.


Whether you are starting new construction or renovating your home, you are making the investment of a lifetime. You don’t have time or the budget to test every load of concrete. Verifi that the concrete in your home will last for generations, affordably.