concrete slump

Ensure the concrete you specify is what your client receives

Sensors and controls on the truck measure, manage, and record:

  • Slump
  • Temperature
  • Load size
  • Age
  • Water
  • Admixture
  • Drum speed
  • Revolutions

Verifi automatically adds water and admixture within pre-set limits to achieve and maintain the ordered slump. All data is available in real-time and securely stored for viewing later.

VERIFI-Measure-Every-Load-114Measure concrete slump in every load to ensure concrete meets specification

  • Stringent control of water additions results in consistent quality concrete.
  • Verifi documents all water additions—even if someone adds water to the drum using a water hose.
  • Verifi stops water additions when the maximum water limit is reached.

VERIFI-Data-Real-Time-114Avoid costly investigations by accessing real-time and historical concrete quality data

  • Consistent quality concrete means fewer defects and investigations.
  • If something does go wrong, you’ll have data to figure out what happened.

VERIFI-Streamline-Testing-114Reduce testing cost and increase accuracy

  • View concrete properties—including slump, water additions, temperature, and revolutions—during or after placement from your phone or any internet-connected device.
  • Reduce sampling and testing variability with Verifi’s patented technology to automatically determine slump and temperature in the mixing drum.
  • Obtain data on every load, not a fraction of the loads, to ensure that problem loads are not missed.

VERIFI-Increase-Customer-Satisfaction-114Increase client satisfaction due to fewer defects and delays

  • Contractors are more productive when they receive consistent quality concrete from trucks with Verifi.
  • Project owners get a better building with fewer delays and headaches.

Request Verifi on your next project

Ready mix producers pay to use Verifi on their trucks. All you need to do is insist on using concrete from a ready mix producer who is committed to providing consistent quality concrete by using Verifi.

How is slump measured?

Verifi uses proprietary algorithms to calculate slump based on hydraulic pressure, drum speed, load size, and mix design. Hydraulic pressure is related to torque needed to rotate the drum.

Can Verifi add water in transit?

Verifi can add water in transit so that concrete arrives on site ready to pour. All water additions are documented and are available to the inspector at the site. ASTM C94 now allows water addition in transit on trucks equipped with Verifi.

How does Verifi know not to exceed the maximum water content?

Verifi automatically obtains maximum allowed water from the batch software when each truck is loaded. Verifi tracks all water additions and automatically stops adding water once the maximum is reached.