Why use Verifi® concrete management system?

Verifi® is a new technology that allows Ready Mix concrete producers to measure and manage loads of concrete en route to job sites.

By working with a Ready Mix producer that uses Verifi®, contractors will be able to…

These all lead to reduced costs.


Save time

Always know when the next truck is arriving

  • Live map shows location of every truck en route to job site
  • Make better decisions on where to place crews and when to give them breaks, so they have less time idling around
  • Spend less time calling dispatch and more time focusing on what is important at the job site

Place more quickly

  • Truck arrives at the job site at ordered slump +/- 1 inch
  • No waiting while adding water and re-mixing load
  • Consistent slump means fewer rejected loads and less time waiting for the next truck to arrive

Speed up the finishing process

  • Consistent slump leads to consistent set time
  • Maintain a smooth workflow with your finishing crew and equipment, without worrying about later loads setting faster than earlier loads

Verifi automatically adds water and admixture within pre-set limits to achieve and maintain the ordered slump. All data is available in real-time and securely stored for viewing later.

VERIFI-Accelerate-Construction-114Accelerate construction with concrete that is consistently in specification

  • Concrete arrives on site ready to pour, with no need for on site adjustments.
  • Concrete is faster and easier to finish and place, so your crews can leave earlier.
  • Fewer defects mean fewer delays later.


Higher quality

Catch bad loads before they cause issues

  • Measure 100% of loads for slump and temperature
  • Avoid quality issues such as low strength and cracking
  • Reduce your risk of needing to repair or replace concrete – and all of the costs, time, and headaches associated with it

More comprehensive quality data at a fraction of the cost

  • Keep track of more metrics, including slump, temperature, age, and added water for every truck that you pour
  • Less time and money identifying the cause of quality issues when they do occur

Real-time oversight of all of your crews

  • Quickly detect when placing and finishing crews are noncompliant with quality measures
  • Reduce your risk of expensive quality issues


Collaborate easily

Develop trusting partnerships with suppliers

  • Share data to identify joint opportunities for operational efficiencies
  • Collaborate to save time and money for you and your supplier
  • Data availability helps avoid bitter and lengthy debates on responsibility for concrete quality issues
  • Change the status quo by creating more open and transparent partnerships with suppliers

Verifi Mobile App

Request Verifi on your next project

Ready mix producers pay to use Verifi on their trucks. All you need to do is insist upon buying from a ready mix producer who is committed to providing consistent quality concrete by using Verifi.


Consistent quality concrete is easier and faster to place and finish. Predictable finishing characteristics eliminate spotty setting and reduce cracking and other defects. Verifi helps you meet demanding flatness specifications.

Extruded Concrete

Consistent slump keeps your machines running fast. For applications such as curb and gutter, slip form paving, and median barriers, Verifi can reduce placement time by up to 30%.

Pumped Concrete

Consistent slump keeps your pump running at top speed without blockage. Concrete doesn’t need to be adjusted before going into the pump.