Better top line, better bottom line, better concrete—with Verifi.

Experience the value that other ready mix producers are already realizing.

win more business with Verifi concreteWin More Business

Differentiate your product from that of your competitors by proving that you:

  • Produce consistent quality concrete
  • Deliver slump on target—every load
  • Have the better strength standard deviation
  • Provide superior workability

With Verifi, you can sell slump and charge for excessive wait time at the construction site.

Improved Quality Control with Verifi concreteQuality Control

You will always have an accurate record of every event that occurs from the time the concrete is batched until it is discharged. With Verifi, you can be proactive, not reactive when it comes to concrete optimization.

  • Monitor and comply with water/cement ratios.
  • Improve mix designs, reducing cement over-design.
  • Immediately be alerted when something goes wrong with a load.
  • Eliminate rejected loads and know the quality of the concrete you deliver.
  • Maintain a record of every load discharged to assist with charge back and other issues—available immediately and years from now.

Optimize concrete delivery with VerifiOperations

Optimize your driver and batch plant performance, which represent a large part of your fixed assets.

  • Reduce time to leave the plant, getting your trucks out of the yard in less than four minutes while Verifi monitors & controls the concrete during transport. No need for a slump rack, only a wash rack.
  • Minimize time at the construction site with slump on target upon arrival.
  • Track in real-time your trucks’ location and concrete properties, including how much concrete is on-board and how long before it will be back at the plant.
  • Reduce drum rotations, resulting in fuel savings and the time between drum replacements.
  • Identify and eliminate plant, truck and driver inefficiencies.

control over capex capital expenditure with verifi concreteExecutive

Ready mix producers using Verifi get more work done with fewer trucks, improve dry plants’ efficiencies to meet those of wet plants at lower costs, and consistently produce the best concrete.

Gain more control over your capital expenditures with Verifi. Create a strategic advantage by focusing on winning higher spec, higher margin jobs, resting assured that your operation will be capable of out-performing the competition.

  • Improve capital deployment.
  • Differentiate your company from the competition.
  • Improve product mix.
  • Improve return on assets.
  • Improve return on sales.

concrete optimization value calculator by VerifiVerifi’s Value Calculator

Explore how your operation may benefit from Verifi in many different ways. Contact Verifi to see how much lost money you ship with every load.

Less water less waste

“We’ve identified around £250,000 (of savings) per annum in Central alone. By controlling and reducing the variability of water we can improve the quality and vastly reduce customer complaints and returns.”

— Andy Clarke, Change Agent

“Extrudakerb was so impressed with the concrete slump monitoring technology that it awarded Tarmac the contract to supply the concrete for the second phase of the job on the M18 near Doncaster. We have also won other jobs such as the contract for the M180 central reservation barrier replacement.”

— Tarmac Sustainability Report