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To meet customer needs, you must maintain precise concrete slump control and temperature specifications—truckload after truckload. However, once the concrete leaves the plant, many factors beyond your control can impact its quality—from weather to traffic delays.

Additionally, drivers or contractors can add water throughout the cycle: at the batch plant, during transport, and finally at the construction site. Without precise data, these additions are based only on each person’s subjective judgment—leading to significant concrete variability.

Verified Results: “Verifi has improved our efficiency and consistency at our plants and with our customers. The documentation has proved to be invaluable to our Quality Control department – both in improving our overall quality and in handling job site QC issues.”

–  ­Les Hogan, Area Manager, Dallas, Argos


Verified Productivity:  A barrier extruder was able to increase its productivity by 30% because every Verifi managed load was consistently on target.


Verified Value: A recent survey shows that concrete contractors put the value of consistency for finishing at $3-5 per cubic yard.


Verified Results: A large floor contractor stated that Verifi managed loads allowed him to produce the best finish in his 20+ year career.


Verified Quality: A large highway contractor stated that Verifi managed loads had a much lower strength standard deviation than non-Verifi managed loads.


Verified Consistency: A cross-town connector project had a rejected load rate of greater than 50% until Verifi started managing the loads.  No Verifi managed loads were rejected.


Verified Productivity:  A State DOT that has been working with Verifi is looking to use its slump and temperature measurements in lieu of manual slump and temperature tests, providing quality data on every load.

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“With data provided by Verifi, I can document our products quality and reject a claim based on the facts.  Without Verifi, I have no objective record of product quality when the truck departs the plant and we could be culpable for concrete that does not meet the projects requirements.”

–  Godwin Amekuedi , Director, Quality Assurance, ARGOS USA RMX

Less water, less waste: “We’ve identified around £250,000 (of savings) per annum in Central alone. By controlling and reducing the variability of water we can improve the quality and vastly reduce customer complaints and returns.” View video and article

— Andy Clarke, Change Agent, Tarmac

Verifi gives you the ability to produce consistent quality concrete by monitoring and controlling concrete properties with unprecedented accuracy, consistency and reliability. From the plant to the construction site, you will have complete visibility and control over concrete slump, temperature, and revolutions. Learn what other ready mix producers and their customers are experiencing by using Verifi and extend real-time process control to the truck—each and every load.

No Capital Expenditure, No Maintenance Fees, and No Worries About Staying Current

Realize new value in your company with Verifi’s state-of-the-art service. Verifi’s local Field Service Engineers and Business Analysts show you how to increase your revenue, your margins and your bottom line.

  • Deliver consistent quality concrete
  • Differentiate your concrete to win more business
  • Increase the efficiency of your drivers, trucks and plants
  • Fine tune your mix designs to save cement
  • Satisfy your customers with a consistent quality and fewer load rejections

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