Verifi partners with the best ready mix concrete producers—increasing the value of the concrete and services they provide to contractors, engineers, and owners

Like you, we strive to improve the quality and consistency of concrete. Verifi integrates concrete technology, information technology, mechanical technology, process control technology, and operational expertise into a service that monitors and controls the quality of concrete at all stages—at the batch plant, in transit and at the construction site.

The result? The highest quality concrete, manufactured consistently, each and every load.

  • Verifi consistently and accurately measures, manages and records concrete properties including slump, temperature, revolutions, time since batching, water and admixture additions for every load of concrete.
  • Verifi securely stores this data and can provide detailed reports to producers, builders and owners in real time, or years from now.
  • By making this data visible at every step of the process we’re building trust in the industry.
  • Verifi technology is patented and reliable.


Verifi also helps our environment by allowing mix designs to contain just the right amount of cement. Verifi eliminates the need to include excess cement in mix designs to counter trust issues and undocumented water additions.

Verifi also reduces fuel consumption by helping to manage the number of drum rotations for each load. Eliminating poor quality through under or over mixing saves energy through reduced fuel usage and reduces energy used to replace rejected loads. Learn more >

Comprehensive Support

Dedicated Field Service Engineers, Business Analysts and Technology Experts share one common goal: to improve the value ready mix producers deliver to their customers. With implementation of the Verifi service, support continues in the field to help you maximize the benefits of Verifi and experience flawless operations.